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David is the Founder of Leadership On FIRE Academy, a national level speaker, and nationally featured author whose inspiring story and unique approach has inspired thousands to discover new levels of purpose and performance. Learn More

As a trusted Leadership expert, David leans on his doctoral level research & education, and 15+ years of experience in key leadership roles to provide small business owners, leaders, and teams the blueprint to leave their fingerprint. Learn More

As a sought after national level speaker, David is a uniquely gifted communicator crafting customized messages integrating humor, media, and real life experiences. He has shared the stage with nationally/internationally featured artists such as Tye Tribbett, Veronica Petrucci (Angelo & Veronica), Carmen, Israel Houghton, Freddy Rodriguez, Brandon Roberson, and more. Contact IGNITE Advisory Group for details on David’s speaking availablity. Learn More

David has been a featured guest on nationally syndicated radio and television programs like TBN, WGN, CLTV, The Strausburg Report, N’Digo Magazine and more. David has inspired national audiences as the online host for 1st Amendment Media and the popular Leadership On FIRE: Leadership Minute series.  Learn More

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Ambitious People Learning How To Take Control of Their Life Applying Practical, Proven Strategies 

Have you ever turned your house upside down, looking for your sunglasses, only to find them clipped to your shirt?

I have. Man did my kids laugh…

If you’re seeing these signs the time is now to get it together and refocus on what matters, even if that means tackling the hard problems.

1. You’re constantly overbooked.
2. Your work space is out of control.
3. You can’t remember the last time that you spent time w/friends and family.
4. Your temper is flaring up more often.
5. You have a hard time sleeping.

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Ambitious Leaders Training on Advanced Marketing, Communication, and Enrollment

Is growing your small business important to you?

After three years of banging-my-head against the wall, and thousands of dollars worth of failed marketing experiments, I finally solved the mystery of creating a steady flow of leads for my small business.

The Targeted SOD system is the step-by-step game plan I wish I had when I started my business back in 2009.

If your business doesn’t have a stedy flow of targeted leads on a daily basis, your business is probably on life support.

Schedule a break through call with us below and we’ll show you how to quickly apply these strategies to your business.


Ambitious Leaders Training on Advanced Psychology, Physiology, Productivity, and Persuasion

Why do some leaders succeed at levels beyond their imagination, while others struggle?

It comes down to how they manage their psychology, physiology, productivity, and ability to persuade and empower others.

LOFA is one of the most heart-opening, authentic, life-changing, practical, tangibly empowering leadership building trainings you will ever attend — online or offline!

Business owners, Executives, and Pastors have rediscovered the passion, purpose, and joy that was missing in their life, love, and business after enrolling in Leadership On FIRE Academy.

Schedule a private break through call with us below, we’d love to learn more about you, your business, and any concerns you have.


Ambitious Speakers Training on Advanced Communication, Marketing, Product Development and Social Media

If you’re an aspiring speaker and you’re looking to break into “the business” then SIDA is the solution you’ve been looking for.

SIDA provides you the tools to develop and refine your abilty to connect to your audience authentically.

Learn how to create speaking opportunities, social media buzz, videos, press kits, and joint ventures to share your unique message.

This program will be available in 2018, so stay tuned.

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